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More tributes to David Halberstam


The Project for Excellence in Journalism (Journalism.org) offers a collection of tributes from numerous sources.

Terry Gross, host of NPR’s Fresh Air, replayed a few interviews she did with Halbertsam over the years. Topics include his award-winning work covering Viet Nam for The New York Times, writing about the 1950s, and Michael Jordan’s place in society.

Katie Couric on how Halbertsam might have reacted to the Pat Tillman situation.

Author profile: Roger Angell

I’ve always admired the work of Roger Angell. Baseball fans look forward to his semi-annual contributions to the New Yorker. Angell

I came across these two interesting videos featuring legendary baseball writer Roger Angell’s appearance at a three-day seminar of Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania in early 2005. I know these work with the Real Media player, but I’m not sure about others.

Angell, 86, is the author of such books and essay collections as Game Time and Once More Around the Park. He published Let me Finish, his memoirs, last year.

The videos:

And some print interviews with/stories about Angell: