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Bits and Pieces

Two items for your consideration:


This new publication (they launched in the summer of 2006)108 "celebrates the contribution of baseball to American history, culture, and community." It has a fairly impressive cast of contributors, including John Thorn, author and editor of such works as Total Baseball, Treasues of the Baseball Hall of Fame, The Hidden Game of Baseball and The Armchair Book of Baseball. Evan Weiner, a contributing columnist for several newspapers, passes along some of his "sound bytes," audio clips of interviews with some of baseball’s great players, including Al Kaline and Nolan Ryan. Other sections include "The Sandlot," described as an interactive gateway to baseball, and "Extra Bases" for "news, views, and reviews."

In addition to the print edition, 108 also has a blog, written by Jeff Merron, whose March 10 entry features an interview with J.C. Bradbury, author of The Baseball Economist.

Charles Einstein: In MCeinsteinemoriam

This post on Fannation.com is a heartfelt reminiscence of Charles Einstein, author  of Willie’s Time and several other pertinent titles, including the popular Fireside Book of Baseball series. Einstein passed away recently at the age of 80.